Kids dentistry

Kids dentistry 
Application anesthesia200 ₽
Injectable anesthesia500 ₽
Carious cavity preparation300 ₽
Plug removal300 ₽
Drug treatment of the carious cavity200 ₽
Laying a medical pad500 ₽
Insulation Gasket500 ₽
Light curing filling material (primary teeth)2000 ₽
Light-cured filling material (secondary teeth)2500 ₽
Grinding, polishing fillings300 ₽
Professional oral hygiene2500 ₽
Removal of soft dental deposits - 1 unit.200 ₽
Removal of hard dental deposits (US) - 1 unit.300 ₽
Fissure sealing2000 ₽
Deep fluoridation - 1 tooth200 ₽
Disclosure (trepanation) of the tooth cavity400 ₽
Amputation, extirpation of pulp500 ₽
Secondary teeth overlay with devitalizing paste600 ₽
Primary teeth overlay with devitalizing paste500 ₽
Temporary filling200 ₽
Imposing Mummies (Pulpotec)400 ₽
Mechanical processing (expansion) of root canals - 1 unit500 ₽
Drug treatment of root canals - 1 unit.200 ₽
Root canal filling - 1 unit.700 ₽
                    - siller (paste) AdSeal400 ₽
                    - gutta-percha pin300 ₽
Temporary root canal filling - 1 unit.500 ₽
Removal of a primary tooth with complete root resorption (simple)1500 ₽
Removal of a primary tooth with incomplete root resorption (complex)2400 ₽
Permanent tooth extraction for orthodontic indications3500 ₽
Tongue / lip frenum plastic surgery (without sutures and anesthesia)2000 ₽
Overlaying surgical sutures - 1 unit.300 ₽
Spot caries treatment (ICON system)3000 ₽

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