Teeth whitening at Artemida Dental Clinic

проф-гигиенаProfessional oral hygiene is a necessary procedure for modern people, you can compare this procedure with skin and hair hygiene, but oral hygiene is the first step for the treatment and prevention of periodontitis, and often good oral hygiene is 80% of the treatment of periodontitis.

Based on current data, two visits to the dentist per year for professional brushing are enough to maintain an adequate level of oral hygiene and prevention of periodontitis, but there are patients with aggravating conditions: smoking, frequent drinking of coffee and strong tea, poor oral hygiene, blood diseases and gastrointestinal tract problems. Such patients are recommended to visit the dentist once a season, especially during spring-autumn,the period of exacerbation of all chronic diseases!

After taking a course of professional oral hygiene, and the detection of periodontitis, you should continue treatment and repeat hygiene three months after the first cleaning! In modern conditions, cleaning the oral cavity is a painless procedure using the most advanced tools in the dentistry sphere!

After brushing, the surface of the teeth not only becomes clean, it shines into the light, the interdental spaces are whitened, which generally gives the effect of whitened teeth! Take care of your oral cavity and visit your dentist for professional cleaning regularly, preventing plaque from ruining your smile!   

Individual oral hygiene training1000 ₽
Ultrasonic removal of dental plaque from 1 jaw1500 ₽
Manual removal of dental deposits from 1 jaw1000 ₽
Removal of dental deposits in the area of one or more teeth (1 tooth)150 ₽
Polishing of 1 tooth1000 ₽
Professional oral hygiene (Ultrasound, Air Flow, tooth polishing)4500 ₽
Beyond Polus Office Whitening - Stage 110000 ₽
Beyond Polus Office Whitening - 2 Steps12000 ₽
Beyond Polus Office Whitening - 3 Steps14000 ₽
Opalescence Office Whitening - Stage 110000 ₽
Opalescence Office Whitening - 2 Steps12000 ₽
Opalescence Office Whitening - 3 Steps14000 ₽

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