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СберЗдоровье Москва

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City of Novije Vatutinki,
6th Novovatutinskaya street, 3

Office hours:
Mo – Su 10:00am - 8:00pm

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 Артемида  КИДС г. Москва,
ул. 3-я Нововатутинская, 6 | Подробнее

Office hours:
Mo – Su 10:00am - 8:00pm

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Dental services

Главная из сети стоматологических клиник расположена по адресу: Новые Ватутинки, ул. 6-я Нововатутинская, 3.  Мы предлагаем широкий спектр качественных услуг для пациентов любого возраста. Мы регулярно совершенствуемся в своей работе, применяем в работе новые технологии, позволяющие быстро безболезненно преодолеть стоматологическую проблему.

Our main services:

Our dental center is the place of attentive and professional attitude,where no additional services are imposed. Young patients are treated in the kids department.

ARTEMIDA DENTAL CLINIC – high quality, reasonable price

ARTEMIDA DENTAL CLINIC's patients are always satisfied with the service received and come back to be consulted by experienced doctors again if needed.

Patients are attracted by:

  • A wide range of services - from dental treatment to implantation. Are clinics serve both adults and children.
  • Affordable prices - we strive for high standards of work while not overstating the cost of service.
  • High-quality professional equipment - certified equipment and high-quality materials are used.
  • Experienced staff - our doctors regularly improve their knowledge by participating in educational programs and seminars. All new skills are put into practice.
  • Attentive approach - the dentist develops an individual complex treatment plan for each patient, taking into account his age, teeth condition and the presence of contraindications.

The addresses of our clinics where you can get rid of any dental problems inexpensively with high-quality are found here.

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You can request an appointment by calling 8 (925) 985-24-14 or on the site's chat . We are always happy to see you,welcome to the world of beautiful and healthy smiles! 

Artemida Dental Clinic's doctors


Arzumanyan Aghvan


Карапетян Лейла

Karapetyan Leila

Kids dentist, dentist surgeon


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