Surgery at Artemida Dental Clinic

Teeth removal от 2 500 ₽
Removing mobile teeth (periodontitis)1500 ₽
Complicated removing4000 ₽
Complex tooth extraction with dissection of the roots and suturing with flap8000 ₽
Wisdom tooth extraction5000 ₽
Complex wisdom tooth extraction (retini)8000 ₽
Collagen Cones Use1000 ₽
Dissection of soft tissue abscess1000 ₽
Root apex resection от 9 000 ₽
Incision with periostitis (periostotomy), drainage3000 ₽
Gingivotomy1000 ₽
The communication plate between the oral cavity and the maxillary sinus (oroantral communication)11000 ₽
Cystectomy within more than 2 teeth adjacent to the nasal cavity and sinus sinuses30000 ₽
Cystectomy with resection of the root apex in the area of one tooth15000 ₽
Treatment of alveolitis with revision of the well and its medical treatment (primary patient)1500 ₽
Alveoectomy in the area of up to three teeth6000 ₽
Post-surgery treatment or dressing / suturing of one tooth (primary patient)1000 ₽
Pericoronaritis (Excision of the hood when cutting a tooth)1000 ₽
Targeted regeneration of soft tissues (holes of an extracted tooth)3000 ₽
Single stitching250 ₽

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