Dentistry Therapy Artemida Dental Clinic

OptraGate Overlay100 ₽
RubberDam, OptiDam Overlay400 ₽
Insulation pad200 ₽
Medical pad200 ₽
Gum retraction200 ₽
Plug removal300 ₽
Temporary plug300 ₽
Deep fluoridation - 1 tooth200 ₽
Matrix system installation200 ₽
Fissure sealing1500 ₽
Splinting 1 tooth 1000 ₽
ICON Spot Caries Treatment3000 ₽
Recovery of two contact surfaces of incisors or fangs (Black class 3)3000 ₽
Restoring the contact surface and the cutting edge of incisors or fangs (Black class 4)2800 ₽
Restoration of chipped enamel chewing tubercles or cutting edge of the tooth 1500 ₽
Restoration of the chewing and two contact surfaces of premolars, molars (Black class 2)3000 ₽
Restoration of the masticatory surface of premolars, molars (Black class 1)2500 ₽
Restoration of the cervical and contact surface of the tooth (Black class 5)3000 ₽
Direct method vinificationof the vestibular surface of the anterior teeth6000 ₽
Complete restoration of premolars 3000 ₽
Restoration of molars 3200 ₽
Restoration of incisors 3000 ₽
Adhesive bridge5500 ₽
Restoration of more than 1/2 the volume of the crown in order to prepare the tooth under the support of the orthopedic platform1000 ₽

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