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City of Moscow, South Butovo,
street A. Monahovoj, 97
Bunin Alley metro

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City of Novije Vatutinki,
6th Novovatutinskaya street, 3

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Mo – Su 10:00am - 8:00pm

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 Артемида  КИДС г. Москва,
ул. 3-я Нововатутинская, 6 | Подробнее

Office hours:
Mo – Su 10:00am - 8:00pm

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Dentistry in Novije Vatutinki

Statistics show that people who start treatment at a young age are much more likely to have healthy teeth in adulthood. Regular visits to the kids dentistry are very important. Thanks to them, the little patient begins to trust the dentist and a visit to the dental office becomes natural for him. For the doctors of our clinic in Vatutinki, the main principle is the examination and treatment of small patients stress and pain-free.

Is it necessary to treat primary teeth?

ребенок стоматологA reasonable interaction with a child can be expected only from the third or fourth year of his life, but our specialists in Vatutinki recommend visiting the dentist at the time of teething of the first primary teeth. During their first visit to the kids dentistry in New Vatutinki parents will receive information on how to take care of the baby’s oral health. The sooner you engage in the formation of the right habits, the less effort you will have to spend.

The wrong approach is to think that it makes no sense to treat primary teeth because they will fall out. Our doctors here in Vatutinki believe that's far from true Caries may appear on primary teeth which then passes to permanent teeth. A malocclusion may also occur.You may look at the cost of treatment in the price list of the dentistry in New Vatutinki located on Novovatutinsky Prospekt.

Dentistry in Vatutinki

Our dentists in Vatutinki are convinced that it is important to create positive associations when treating teeth. That's why we place particular emphasis on a complex approach. Our specialists in the kids dentistry constantly:

  • participate in seminars in Russia and abroad;
  • take advanced training courses;
  • study new research in the field of dentistry.

Thanks to this, our little patients are not afraid of visiting the dentist and are happy to come to our clinic.

Dentist Artemida Dental Clinic will never force a child to be treated forcibly. He works in such a way that the little patient will sit in a chair and open his mouth. With the right approach and some patience, as well as cooperation with parents, we inspire children that there is nothing to worry when visiting a doctor. The dentist in New Vatutinki shows them the tools and materials, and at the end of the reception, daredevils are given a prize.

Making an appointment in kids and adult dentistry in New Vatutinki

стоматология ватутинкиOur clinic is located in New Vatutniki (near Novovatutinkiy prospect). All conditions for small and adult patients are created here. Fill out and submit the form below or call +7-968-856-71-71to make an appointment at our dental clinic in Vatutinki. Our administrators will contact,so you could choose a convenient time.


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